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Hunter Biden’s China Problem Just Exploded

Hunter Biden. Image Credit: Screenshot Via YouTube.
Hunter Biden. Image Credit: Screenshot.

If you have followed the Hunter Biden corruption allegations saga closely, you may remember a man named Tony Bobulinski, who served as a business associate to Hunter Biden. Bobulinski contacted the FBI and shared electronic communications that he made with a company called CEFC China Energy in 2020. Bobulinski told the FBI he met with Hunter, his uncle James Biden, and President Joe Biden to talk about CEFC. The president before said he knew nothing of Hunter’s business dealings.

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New Witness Against the Bidens Comes Forward

Now another self-styled whistleblower has come forward to the FBI with an “explosive” story about Hunter Biden and alleged wrongdoings associated with CEFC China Energy. This could make the FBI and Congress pay closer connection to the Biden family’s link to shady characters in Communist China.

Hunter Biden Drama: What Happened?

The story begins in 2019 when an executive at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security in Washington, DC spilled the beans to the FBI about new actions concerning the Biden family. The think tank leader believes the Bidens “tipped off” the chairman of CEFC China Energy that there was a federal investigation against him.

The whistleblower at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security is named Gal Luft who is an Israeli director of the institute and an expert in energy security. The Chinese executive in question is called Ye Jianming. Luft’s lawyers said the think tank analyst told the FBI and the Department of Justice in March 19 that Jianming was the target of a federal “probe.”

Luft also went to the Jewish News Service last month to tell his story about the Bidens and the Chinese connection. Luft’s attorney, Robert Henoch, said he was present during the meeting with federal investigators.

Is Luft a Credible Witness?

The problem with Luft and his allegations about the Bidens is that he was also the target of another separate FBI investigation. Agents arrested Luft for being involved in illegal gun running to Libya and China. Luft denies this activity and his arrest is an effort by the Department of Justice to “bury” him for making allegations against the Biden family. Luft is awaiting extradition to the United States from Cyprus. The think tanker may be offering information to help exonerate him from the arms transfer investigation and thus his account of events with the Bidens could come under scrutiny as his testimony might be unverified and likely challenged in a potential court case.

More for House Oversight Committee to Examine

Nevertheless, Henoch said he is going to make this new information from Luft available to the U.S. House Oversight Committee that is already investigating the Biden family’s connection to China and accusations that more than a million dollars that has been wired to a Biden business associate and disbursed to Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Hallie Biden, the wife of the late Beau Biden. The Washington Free Beacon said Luft was working as an adviser to CEFC China Energy at the time of the Biden money transfers, so it is plausible he would have intimate knowledge of the Biden family and its dealing with CEFC.

For example, Luft said he was aware that CEFC was sending millions of dollars to the Bidens for “business consulting and legal services.” Luft’s think tank, which was founded by former Ronald Reagan National Security Advisor Robert C. Macfarlane and R. James Woolsey, who once directed the CIA, also received money from CEFC. The policy institute had a contract worth $350,000 to inform the public about China’s  Belt and Road infrastructure project.

To further muddy the waters in this saga, the Free Beacon said Hunter Biden made one million dollars in legal fees for defending a character named Patrick Ho who worked for CEFC’s own think tank. Ho had been convicted for making bribes and conducting money laundering associated with acquiring business deals in Africa.

Confused yet? It is a convoluted story. The main witness is already under custody, and it appears he is trying to accuse the Bidens of nefarious deeds while they were involved with CEFC. You could perhaps say that Luft is trying to save his hide by acting as a whistleblower.

But his information, should it be true and shared with the House Oversight Committee, does connect some dots. It shows that the Bidens were closely associated with CEFC and could have been involved in questionable actions with the Chinese energy firm.

The committee is likely to look into these allegations and they could be subject of a hearing someday. Democrats may question the credibility of Luft as a witness since he has already been arrested for alleged weapons-related wrongdoing. This example could be part of a problem for the White House’s position that the Biden family has always acted legally and properly in its business dealings in China.

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