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Kari Lake Says She Was Offered ‘Bribe’ To Get Out of Politics

Kari Lake. Image Credit: Gage Skidmore.
Kari Lake speaking with supporters at a campaign rally at Dillon Precision in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Kari Lake Tells Shocking Story at CPAC: Arizona’s Kari Lake made a surprise unscheduled speech at CPAC on March 4. She told a shocking story that was hard to believe.

The conservative who ran and lost her election for governor in 2022 shared details that had people gasping in the crowd.

What Happened to Kari Lake?

Kari Lake told a story that before she made the trip to Washington for CPAC, she was accosted by a mystery person who came to her house.

The stranger knocked on the door and Lake answered to a request she did not expect. Kari Lake said the woman wanted to make her an offer Lake couldn’t refuse.

If Lake took the deal, which was to leave politics, she would receive a cushy, well-paying job.

This Is How Lake Told the Story

“These people are desperate to stop me. They came to my door and tried to bribe me to get me out of politics. They tried to bribe me with a job title, a huge salary on a board, and I am not motivated by that stuff. This person was sent at the request of powerful people back east. They want me out of politics. I’m on God’s time, not yours, I said. I said no. They did not take no for an answer. What is your price, she asked. Name your price. All we are asking for you to do is get out of politics for two years.”

This One Was Hard to Believe

The audience couldn’t believe it and they waited with bated breath to see what Lake had to say next. Kari Lake asked the crowd for advice.

She Asked the Audience If She Should Have Taken the Deal

“Should I sit out? Put the movement on ice for two years or double down? I decided to double down. Let your handlers know there is no price where I would sell out my country. Not ten million, not a hundred million not tens of hundreds of millions. I wouldn’t do it. They do not want my name on a ballot. I am not going anywhere. This happened before CPAC. They are gaslighting us. We are in control.”

Watch Out for Mama Bear

Kari Lake again recounted how she is still fighting the results of her lost election to Katie Hobbs.

Lake said she was a type of mama bear not to be messed with.

“They stole an election in broad daylight, and they dared us to do something. 250,000 ballots were ejected in GOP areas. I voted in a liberal part of town but in 60 percent of the GOP areas wrong ballots were printed, machines spit out ballots, and our voters were disenfranchised. They thought they would roll over this mama bear. But they are messing with the wrong mama bear. And this mama bear is going to tear them to shreds,” she said.

“We will get back on track, she exclaimed. “America first is back. We can do great things. I say we spend every day to make American great again and that means re-electing Trump.”

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