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Trump Could Get Indicted and ‘Violence Could Erupt’

Donald Trump
Donald Trump.

George Conway, the Republican turned Never Trumper and estranged husband of Donald Trump loyalist Kellyanne Conway, has some eyebrow-raising views on Trump’s legal troubles. He has predicted Trump could get up to three different indictments and said that “violence could erupt” should Trump be charged or jailed.

Could Trump Indictments Lead to Violent Protests?

In an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Conway said the “over and under would be three” criminal indictments against Donald Trump. Conway believes that if Trump were jailed, violence in the streets could flare up and Trump will say, “It’s not my fault. It’s your fault.”

Donald Trump Will Continue to Run Despite Any Criminal Ensnarement 

Burnett also asked Conway if potential indictments will impact his running. Conway said, “No. He could run. He could be incarcerated and still run for president. If he were elected I think the better legal argument under the Constitution Article One would that they have to spring him.”

Trump Would Say This Legal Persecution Could Happen to Other Conservatives

Conway doesn’t think Donald Trump will be elected in the first place, but the former president will not shut down his campaign. “I do think he’s going to run. I think he is going to make a big issue out of his legal troubles to say that he is being persecuted. Saying they are persecuting me. He has already said it. Because they want to persecute you.”

Legal Noose Tightening Against Trump

Conway and Burnett discussed the various potentially criminal scenarios that Trump faces. He is embroiled in the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal. He has the case with the January 6 Department of Justice probe. Trump is under investigation whether he led an effort to overturn the 2020 presidential election in Georgia. And he has the mishandling of classified documents that could be a criminal case.

Kellyanne and George Conway Divorce

Conway has been an enemy of Trump since his first term and is now getting a divorce from his wife Kellyanne. 

Trump took to social media with glee about the Conway’s marital troubles. “Congratulations to Kellyanne Conway on her DIVORCE from her wacko husband, Mr. Kellyanne Conway. Free at last, she has finally gotten rid of the disgusting albatross around her neck.”

Conway Is a Never-Ending Thorn In Trump’s Side

George Conway has been an unending critic of Trump. Last fall, he predicted again that Donald Trump would not win his presidential race and said, “Too many Americans would crawl on broken glass to vote against him.

The Stormy Daniels Hush Money Case Could Be the First Shoe to Drop

Conway is confident in his predictions after this week’s news about the Stormy Daniels alleged extramarital affair in which Trump is being accused of paying the adult video star to remain silent about their tryst.  

On March 13, former Trump fixer and attorney Michael Cohen, who is believed to have made the $130,000 payment to Daniels on Trump’s behalf, testified in front of a grand jury and was recalled a second time to answer questions on March 15. 

He is expected to be the last witness interviewed in front of the panel and could signal that the Manhattan district attorney may bring charges against Trump for perhaps falsifying business records, a misdemeanor in that jurisdiction. Trump could also be on the hook for potential campaign finance violations. Trump has denied the affair and the Cohen payment scheme.

Trump could be the first former president charged with a crime and the first indicted presidential candidate. 

Trump: It’s Witch Hunt Against Me

Trump said at the rightwing conference CPAC this month that the DA, Alvin Bragg, is a racist and that the investigation and grand jury were an effort to stop Trump politically because Democrats cannot beat him at the ballot box.

Bragg declared that his office would follow the facts and evidence as it is presented and ignore the stories in the media. “We review documents, we talk to witnesses … we may hear what this pundit says and we may hear all the commentary, but our focus is on the evidence and the law.”

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  1. GhostTomahawk

    March 16, 2023 at 7:22 pm

    Hard to argue that he isn’t being targeted.

  2. Ken Curtis

    March 17, 2023 at 5:41 am

    Doormat Don acts like a toddler gets treated as a toddler.

    Maybe he’ll get his baby bottle taken away.

  3. len

    March 17, 2023 at 9:01 am

    coulda, woulda, shoulda

    Trump has not been charged with any wrongdoing.
    It remained unclear whether any charges will be brought.

    Just ask Adam Schiff

  4. Walker

    March 17, 2023 at 10:21 am

    Len, what do you say when it happens? Justice is slow as the saying goes.

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