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Joe Biden Has Us Creeped Out

Joe Biden. Image Credit: Creative Commons.
Then Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden speaking with supporters at a community event at Sun City MacDonald Ranch in Henderson, Nevada.

President Joe Biden, like your aging uncle, takes pleasure in telling stories.

Sometimes they are embellished, half-true, borderline weird, and harmlessly funny.

But rarely does Joe Biden tell stories that are gross and disgusting.

This time the cringe-worthiness of his latest statement has made the Internet boil over with shock.

Joe Biden Scared Me: Here Is Some Background First

The latest unfortunate statement from Biden happened in Virginia Beach, Virginia on February 28.

The president was supposed to be talking about his budget proposal that would include details of his administration’s healthcare spending and criticize the Republicans for making cuts.

Biden Says Nurse Takes Personal Care to a New Level 

Biden, as he often does, wandered off script and told a strange anecdote about a nurse named Pearl Nelson.     

“She’d come in and do things I don’t think you learn in nursing school,” he said.

“She’d whisper in my ear, I couldn’t understand, but she’d whisper, and she’d lean down and actually breathe on me to make sure there was a human connection,” Biden shared.

Translation, Please

I can usually translate what politicians say and square that with what they actually mean, but this one is a doozy.

The best guess I can make is that Joe Biden was trying to share how important it is to have caring healthcare professionals.

Pearl Nelson would be an example of one nurse who went above and beyond her job duties.

It Would Have Been Better to Say…

If what Biden said is true, it is certainly unsettling that he would choose to remember such a lurid detail and then share it with an audience.

He could have simply said Nelson was a great nurse who helped the president recover and that healthcare cuts would put this type of excellent care in jeopardy.

Fair enough, but that’s not what he said. He added color and detail to the story that social media users found unsettling.

You Mean He Has Said This Before?

One user named Greg Price found that Biden had said something like this before that was even weirder.

Price posted a video of Biden dated July 20, 2022, that had the creepy recount of nurses breathing on him.

“I had nurses at Walter Reed hospital who would bend down and whisper in my ear, go home and get me pillows,” Biden said. “They would actually breathe in my nostrils to make me move, to get me moving.”

You’re Creeping Me Out


Many of us in hospitals under the care of nurses probably don’t recall such details.

And if you did, that would fall under a story that you should keep private.

Plus, most nurses, I hope, would consider such actions inappropriate and avoid breathing on patients’ noses. They could get into some type of disciplinary problem. 

But Biden often says the quiet part out loud, which is sure to give his media handlers fits.

No wonder he rarely sits for media interviews and ignores gaggles of reporters in public.

Twitter Users Go Bonkers

Twitter erupted with commentators who thought that Biden was being weird.

Others questioned his mental acuity.

Can It Get Any Worse? 

These unusual comments from Biden happen so often that ordinary Americans who do not follow day-to-day politics on social media may start paying attention.

Most people have likely never heard of a nurse breathing on patients to “get them moving.” It is clear Biden really liked this type of unbridled care. 

Somebody Needs to Intervene

These statements also raise the question of who can reign Joe Biden in from sharing inappropriate stories.

Would his wife, Jill Biden, want to do some type of intervention? In Biden’s defense, he likely thinks these tales endear him to audiences.

People like to see authenticity in politicians who are able to make connections with the common person. Somebody should tell Biden to listen to that little voice inside that says, “Don’t share this memory.” It may keep him from being embarrassed on stage.

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