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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Destroying Herself

Marjorie Taylor-Greene. Image Credit: Gage Skidmore.

Marjorie Taylor Greene shows no signs of moderating her views or style now that she’s back in the good graces of the House Republican Caucus.

A few months back, she compared the behavior of the federal government to how “a pimp sells a prostitute for power and money.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene: What Did She Say Now? 

Will she even learn? 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who spent her first two years in Congress barred from committee assignments due to her past flirtations with conspiracy theories, was brought back into the good graces of the House Republican Caucus this year after the party got back the House majority and Greene formed an alliance with new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Greene was placed back on committees, including the House Oversight Committee. 

But that does not mean she has moderated her views, or anything close to it.

Back in February, Greene declared the need for a “national divorce.”

This got her widely denounced across the political spectrum, including by a House Republican colleague Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), who said on ABC’s “This Week” that such rhetoric “hurts this nation.”

He did add that “The great thing about this country is we can have political dialogue, discourse.”

Greene doubled down on the comments, including in a long tweet, one that makes clear that Greene has paid Twitter for the ability to write longer tweets.

 Quoting a video commentary by veteran conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, Greene laid out more about how the “divorce” idea would work. 

“We are living in a time of great division where the left is bullying and abusing the right and basically forcing the right to accept the left’s ways whether we like it or not,” Greene said, going on to address the $34 trillion national debt and spending on foreign wars, presumably in reference to Ukraine aid.

“The American people no longer want anything to do with a federal government that sells them out to the rest of the world, like a pimp sells a prostitute for power and money,” she added.

“And the people on the right no longer want to be abused and bullied by the left, who regardless of how loud we yell and how hard we fight will never respect us and never stop forcing their filthy ways down our throats.”

That National Divorce Comment? 

It’s still not clear how the “divorce” would work if the nation were split between liberal and conservative factions.

Would Liberal America keep all of the debt, which has been incurred over time by presidents of both parties?

Would one of the two new countries be responsible for spending on foreign wars?

And which of the two nations would Greene’s native Georgia be part of, considering it went for President Biden in 2020 and re-elected both of its Democratic senators in 2022?

It’s not clear what “filthy ways” means, but presumably, Greene’s post-divorce Conservative America would have much more stringent and restrictive rules when it comes to, say, sexual morality and LGBTQ rights. 

Greene’s original “national divorce” post months back appeared to be calling more for red states to have the right to resist or opt out of the actions of the federal government, than an actual Civil War-style secession.

But how red states could be divorced from national concerns like the national debt or foreign aid is unclear, as those are all functions of the federal government. 

“Whether anyone likes it or not, the national divorce is a discussion that we must have, and in spite of all the criticism, I’m willing to have it,” Greene wrote.

“Yet it’s been interesting watching many debate my words but unwilling to ask me directly what I mean by national divorce.”

At any rate, a “national divorce” would presumably require a constitutional amendment, and because it appears that only one sitting member of Congress is in favor of the idea, it would appear exceedingly unlikely to ever happen. 

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