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Meet Our Editorial Team

 Experts You Can Trust: Meet The 19FortyFive Team

Our expertise sets us apart and makes us an authority in national security, defense, and political issues you can trust.

We are proud to present a robust Editorial Team with decades of experience. 

(19FortyFive Contributing Editor Retired LT. Colonel Daniel Davis on NBC News discussing his work with NBC News.)

And we can prove that expertise through our work and our staff’s real-world experience. 19FortyFive’s editorial team and regular contributors comprise a talented and trusted mix of foreign policy and national security experts, former policymakers, defense experts, seasoned journalists, economists, business experts, and much more.

And most important of all: we welcome a broad mix of thinkers to our mix. We favor no idea, no political ideology. Conservatives, progressives, and everything in-between is most welcomed on our digital pages. 

Peter Suciu on Fox News

19FortyFive Senior Editor Peter Suciu on Fox News.

Transparency Statement

To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we are proud to share that 19FortyFive is entirely funded by online ads and has no other funding source whatsoever (that means ads on our website and videos on YouTube monetized through the YouTube Partner Program).

We do not accept or solicit any funding from foreign governments or individuals. 

Check out below our current roster of talent and expertise that makes 19FortyFive the unique publication that it is. 

Again, to be as transparent as possible, all of our regular contributors are presented with clear biographical information, and links to their professional credentials demonstrating their expertise are listed below.

Would you like to join our list of regular contributors? Shoot the editor a note: [email protected]

Core Editorial Staff as 0f 3/4/2024

Owner: 1945 Corp.

EditorJ. Beth Gorton (Email: [email protected]

Senior Editor: Enid Burns

Senior Editor: Stephen Silver 

Senior Editor: Brandon Weichert

Defense and National Security Staff as of 08/24/2023

Note: For transparency and clarity, we have also included links to their current expert affiliation as well.

Senior Editor: Peter Suciu

Senior Defense Editor: Christian D. Orr 

Senior Defense Editor: Harrison Kass 

Defense In-Depth Editor: Sebastien Roblin

Defense and National Security Columnist: Stavros Atlamazoglou

YouTube Video Editor and Presenter: Jon Jaxon

Contributing Editors as of 08/24/2023

Note: for transparency, we have also included links to their current expert affiliation as well.

W. James Antle, Washington Examiner 

Salvatore Babones, University of Sydney

Doug Bandow, CATO Institute

Bruce Bechtol, Angelo State University 

Douglas Bulloch

James Jay Carafano, Heritage Foundation 

Ted Galen Carpenter, CATO Institute

Gordon G. Chang, Author and Journalist 

Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis, Defense Priorities, U.S. Army (Retired) 

Mackenzie Eaglen, American Enterprise Institute 

Robert Farley, University of Kentucky

Daniel Goure, Lexington Institute

David Hambling, Forbes Magazine

Peter Harris, Colorado State University

Anthony W. Holmes, Former U.S. Defense Department Offical 

James Holmes, U.S. Naval War College

Harry J. Kazianis, Rogue State Project

Robert E. Kelly, Pusan National University (Faculty Page)

Jason Killmeyer

Bruce Klingner, Heritage Foundation 

Scott B. MacDonald, Smith’s Research and Gradings

David Maxwell, Foundation for Defense of Democracies 

Andrew A. Michta, George C. Marshal Center European Center for Security Studies 

Alexander Motyl, Rutgers University  

Michael Rubin, American Enterprise Institute 

Wilson VornDick, RANE Network Analyst, DUCO, and China Aerospace Studies Institute

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