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About Us

About Us

The year 1945 was one of radical change for all of humanity. Some think of it as the year World War II ended. Others think of it as the marker for the beginning of the atomic age. Many bundle together countless wartime, political and economic events and consider it the start of U.S. primacy and dominance across the globe.

Founded in the darkest days of the Coronavirus pandemic, 19fortyfive seeks to ask a basic question: how does humanity cope with a world that seems always on the precipice of radical change each and every day? What happens when every day feels like the start of a new age? What happens when every day is 1945?

Founded by national security experts who are tired of the same old publications publishing the same tired ideas, ours goals as we begin to try and answer this question are simple: 

-We seek to hold no one ideology or opinion in favor. We are a non-partisan, non-factional publication.

-We welcome all ideas to the table. We seek to publish any idea provided you defend your ideas well through, reason, logic and facts. 

-Our editing process is non-invasive and devoid of any agenda. We do our best to publish your ideas in their original format as you envision them–not how we want them to appear. 

-Never to rely on a paywall. We will rely on tasteful and appropriate ads to support our operations. Eventually, we plan to introduce a login system to read content if and when Google removes cookies from Chrome. If this does happen, all content will be free of charge to read. 

-To use the best technology to ensure any content published here has the best chance of getting the most impact possible.