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Glock 47: The Glock 9mm You Can’t Buy Just Yet

Glock 47
Pictured is the GLOCK 17 Gen 4 Pistol. In 2013 The MOD signed a £9-million-pound contract to provide the Armed Forces with more than 25,000 new Glock side arms. The Glock 17 Generation 4 pistol is not only much lighter than the Browning L9A1 pistol previously used by the UK military, it is also more accurate and its magazine holds 17 (9mm ) rounds compared to 13 rounds for the Browning.

Glock G47 Review – Glock has not yet offered the G47 to the public, but the following Glock 47 review can help you prepare for its eventual release.

Glock 19X and Glock 44

Glock 19X and Glock 44 side by side. Image Credit: 19FortyFive Original Image.

The Glock 47 was developed specifically for the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. It was a custom model intended to act as the primary service weapon for CBP agents.

I found the concept behind the Glock 47 to make sense, as it combines the advantages of several earlier models. Unfortunately, it is still not available to the public.

This review gives you a closer look at the main features of the Glock 47, including its origins, intended use, and pros and cons.

Keep reading to find out if the Glock 47 is worth selling to the public.

Glock G47 Overview

Glock announced the development of the G47 model in 2019. Glock has stated that it does not intend to release the G47 to civilians, but many in the industry expect that the company will eventually sell the G47 to civilians or release a comparable model, due to the interest and demand for the handgun.

The G45 was a crossover model, based on the G17 and G19 pistols. The G47 includes the frame of the G45 with a full-size slide that works with sights and parts made for the G19.


  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Barrel Length: 4.5 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 17 rounds
  • Firing System: Safe Action (Striker-Fire)

Glock G47 Pros and Cons


  • Compatible with G19 parts
  • Features the familiar, large size of the G17
  • Supports a 17-round capacity magazine


  • Not yet available to the public

Glock G47 Features

The Glock G47 was announced in 2019. The Austrian gun manufacturer signed a contract with the CBP agency to develop a custom Glock to meet their specific needs.

G47 was part of an $85 million contract, as the agency wanted to retire the H&K P2000 and replace it with a series of Glocks. The agency will now use the Glock 26, Glock 19, and Glock 47.

The G47 is not an entirely new creation. It was made by combining features from several of Glock’s most-used pistols, including the Glock 17, Glock 19, and Glock 45.

The Frame of the Glock G45

Glock stated that the G47 uses the G45 frame, which is a previous crossover model based on the frame of the G17. The Glock 17 remains one of the most-used Glock pistols.

Most military and law enforcement professionals are familiar with the feel and weight of the G17. It is lightweight yet comfortable to hold and fire. The G17 frame allows you to get a better grip, which helps with recoil and accuracy.

Includes a Full-Size Slide

The G47 is made with a full-size slide instead of the compact slide found on the G19. The larger slide remains compatible with sights and other accessories made for the smaller G19 pistol.

The G47 uses a 4.5-inch barrel, which is the same length found on the original Glock 17. The longer slide allows for a longer barrel and greater accuracy. However, if you prefer the shorter G19 slide, you can swap it out with the stock slide on the G47.

Supports a Variety of Magazines

The Glock G47 is fed from the same double-stacked magazines used in the G17 with a 17-round capacity. You can also use magazines designed for the G19X, G34, and G45 models.


As the G47 is not available to the public, you may want to consider one of these alternatives:

  • Glock G45
  • Glock G19

Glock G45 9 mm Pistol

The Glock 47 is based on the Glock 45, making the G45 model a natural alternative to the restricted model. The G45 includes the shorter slide found on the G19 but includes a full-size frame for a better grip.

Glock G19 9 mm Pistol

The Glock 19 is a compact 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. The grip and barrel length are shorter compared to the G45 and G47, which may appeal to those wanting something easier to conceal or as a backup.


The Glock 47 is a crossover model developed by Glock for the US Customs and Border Protection agency. It includes features of the Glock 17, such as the frame, with a full slide that works with parts designed for the smaller Glock 19.

As with the pistols that it was based on, the Glock 47 should be a reliable handgun. It comes from a trusted manufacturer, but it is not currently sold to civilians.

For those who are interested in the Glock 47, keep an eye out for announcements from Glock, as the G47 may eventually become available to the public.

Brady Kirkpatrick is the Editor of Gun Made. Brady is a passionate firearm owner from Omaha, Nebraska. Gun Made has been featured in various publications such as Forbes,, American Police Beat, and countless others.

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Brady Kirkpatrick is the Editor of Gun Made. Brady is a passionate firearm owner from Omaha, Nebraska. Gun Made has been featured in various publications such as Forbes,, American Police Beat, and countless others.