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The following serve as our submission guidelines. Please note: the closer you follow the below the higher the chance your submission will be accepted for publication.

The Basics:

We accept articles that offer detailed analysis on topics involving, but not limited to:

  • Foreign Policy
  • National Security
  • U.S. Domestic Politics (we love both left and right perspectives) 
  • Military and Defense Issues
  • Technology
  • Economics
  • Energy

All drafts should be between 400-1500 words in TOTAL length (before biographical information, more on that in a moment).

While we do accept longer-form pieces, please note, we highly discourage such submissions at the present time.

We also expect that all content has biographical information at the end of each piece. Please also link to any important professional affiliation you might wish to highlight, as well as your social media contact information.

All pieces should be original and exclusive to 19FortyFive.

What We Look For:

We do not have a specific style of an article we tend to accept–we don’t believe in rigid editorial guidelines or editors that send endless waves of revisions–but want your ideas to prove the worthiness of publication.

All pieces should also have links to source information, links to quotes if used in the pieces, as well as a healthy dose of other links to relevant information. By doing this, your chances of acceptance are enhanced dramatically.

Please send all submissions to: Beth at Kindly provide us five business days to review your content (we are closed all U.S. federal holidays). If you do not hear from us at the close of business on the third day, please feel free to take your content elsewhere.

Fact-Checking Policy:

1945 does everything we can to check any and all pertinent facts in any submission we receive. All submissions are checked for accuracy in every possible way, however, please note we are not experts in all topics and subjects. We do however reserve the right to reject an article based on an author not providing documentation when asked for or if we are unable to document or cite important information. Our goal is to be as accurate as possible, recognizing we are human and that mistakes can happen.