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The Russia – Ukraine War of 2022: The End of the Beginning?

S-300 Russia Ukraine
Russian Su-35 fighters. Image Credit: Creative Commons.

First Signs of Hope the Russia – Ukraine War Could End – but More Pointless Fighting Likely: The first major steps towards ending the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian War came into focus on Tuesday when both sides emerged from the negotiating table in Istanbul, Turkey with each making fairly major concessions. As with any negotiations in a wartime situation, however, each side will likely continue to press its military on the battlefield to extract the best negotiating position possible over its adversary.

Since both the Russians and the Ukrainians suffer from each passing day, it is a race to see where the negotiations will reach equilibrium whereby each side feels it has gotten all it can of its preferred outcomes, acknowledging to itself that any further delay will only increase its cost without providing any further benefit.

After emerging from the Istanbul meetings, the Ukraine delegation announced it was willing to “defer” any discussion on Crimea for 15 years, and likewise will not demand an immediate return of the Donbas. Kyiv’s negotiators also agreed to seek a neutral status and forego NATO membership, among other positions. Russian negotiators agreed to immediately reduce combat operations around Kyiv and Chernihiv, as well as suggesting it will agree to Article-5 like security guarantees for Ukraine.

The concessions of both sides represent major progress and make the chances of a full ceasefire and eventual treaty ending the fighting a realistic possibility. But peace is still a long way off, and neither side has offered to stop the fighting beyond Kyiv and Chernihiv. As subsequent rounds continue, each side will surely continue trying to extract negotiating advantage over its opponents by pressing militarily on fights elsewhere in the theater. Russia, it is now clear, has chosen to put all its efforts into securing as much of the Donbas as possible prior to a ceasefire.

On Sunday, before the Istanbul meeting, Russia’s First Deputy of the General Staff Col. Gen. Sergey F. Rudskoy, held a press briefing in which he laid examined the Russian military’s progress over the first month of the war. The Russian general claimed that Putin’s troops had blocked – but not captured – Kyiv, Sumy, Kharkiv, and other major Ukrainian cities because their aim was to cause “damage to military infrastructure, equipment, (and) personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” and to “tie down their forces and prevent them from strengthening their groupings in the Donbas.”

For the past couple of weeks, Russian forces have generally maintained their positions west and north of Kyiv but have not attempted a general assault on the city. After initial incursions into some of the suburbs of Sumy and Kharkiv, Russian troops likewise have stabilized a forward line but have not attempted a general assault of any of the cities.

Instead, they have continued to hammer at the defenders with harassing artillery strikes, periodic rocket fire, and some precision strikes on military infrastructure. Meanwhile, in the Donbas, there is a growing danger not merely that the Russian forces may capture the territory, but that they may encircle or destroy a large concentration of Ukrainian troops.

Evidence suggests that Russia has prioritized the Donbas fight against all others in the theater, possibly as a means to complete their physical capture prior to any end-of-hostilities agreement – and to keep pressure on Zelensky to reach an agreement on terms more agreeable to Putin. The Russian side appears to have gained a major boost on Monday when the major of Mariupol reportedly announced that the Russians had finally taken that city. That will almost immediately free up thousands of Russian troops to join the southern side of the Donbas attack, putting the Ukrainian troops there at increased risk.

I assess that if Russia is able to complete the capture of the UAF units in the Donbas pocket (reported to be upwards of 40,000 troops), it could put the entire northern arc of defense for the Ukrainian Armed Forces at risk. If Russia were to eliminate UAF resistance in the Donbas, they would then have the capacity to turn that entire force northwest to attack the Ukrainian defenders south of Kharkiv from the rear. The Russian units north of Kharkiv could then resume its attack of the city and then the UAF troops would be trapped between enemy forces attacking simultaneously from the front and rear. It would be very difficult for any defenders to endure such a vice-grip type assault.

If that assault succeeded in defeating the UAF troops in Kharkiv, then the combined weight of both Russian axis could move west to begin an assault against the Ukrainian defenders of Sumy, again joining Moscow’s troops currently in position north of the city, and would likely defeat that group as well. Taking those three objectives would leave Kyiv completely isolated, allowing Russian troops to completely surround and cut off the capital city, and virtually no UAF forces would be left to come to their rescue.

Zelensky no doubt realizes the precarious position under which his forces languish in the Donbas and he has an incentive to reach a ceasefire quickly to keep them from falling. Putin is painfully aware that fierce Ukrainian resistance will continue to extract a terrible toll on his troops if they have to complete the battle in the Donbas, and he too has the motivation to end the fighting quickly.

For the sake of the people of Ukraine – and the millions that have been driven from their homes – I hope both Moscow and Kyiv recognize there is nothing of substance to gain at this point from continued fighting. The core elements of an agreement have come into focus and both sides could come to an agreement in days. No more Ukrainian troops or citizens should have to die for a war that is effectively over – and should never have been fought. There will be much time to assess blame and punishment, especially for Putin, in the months ahead. But the first order of business is to end the war.

Daniel L. Davis is a Senior Fellow for Defense Priorities and a former Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army who deployed into combat zones four times. He is the author of “The Eleventh Hour in 2020 America.” Follow him @DanielLDavis1

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Daniel L. Davis is a Senior Fellow for Defense Priorities and a former Lt. Col. in the U.S. Army who deployed into combat zones four times. He is the author of “The Eleventh Hour in 2020 America.” Follow him @DanielLDavis1.



  1. Alex

    March 29, 2022 at 7:14 pm

    It should be understood that there will be no specific concessions from Russia. Otherwise, all the peoples of Russia who support the special military operation in Ukraine will not understand their government. Only the demilitarization, denazification of Ukraine and the change of puppet power will end the war. Smart people understand this.

  2. Commentar

    March 29, 2022 at 10:08 pm

    First, to get ‘something’ out of the way: biden says won’t get involved in ukr BUT people travelling thru western ukr have alleged to have spotted some US soldiers there. Hmm.

    After big severe terrible destruction of infrastruture, zelensky now slyly offers no membership in NATO but to subscribe to neutrality. Hmm.

    Russia unlikely to sacrifice people of donbass or crimea, so western media likely to peddle highly false narrative to agitate everyone. Hmm.

    Based on all above, it is just the starting of the beginning of a long tortuous journey for peace in europe, so BIG THANKS to biden, msm, US & NATO.

  3. Max

    March 30, 2022 at 5:19 am

    Can Alex please explain the “denazification”, who, what etc. We need to be educated on this, as this is unknown for most people in the west.

  4. Jacky

    March 30, 2022 at 5:51 am

    Russia must insists on genuine political freedom from the nazist-fascist banderites for the people of eastern ukraine and also the welfare and safety of the oppressed people of russian descent in other areas of ukraine in any negotiation for peace.

    Already, US State Dept and UK foreign ministry are churning evil goebbellian propaganda claiming russia is not serious about negotiations, thus russia must insists on its clear and unambiguous terms.

    These terms are for assuring the freedom of all the anti-fascist peoples and their safety from the clutches of the evil fascist banderites.

    The world knows US and UK are today’s top premier fascists and they possess a huge army of like-minded minions.

    The struggle against them is just beginning. Down with these devils and demons of today.They’re first-born offspring of Lucifer.

  5. John

    March 30, 2022 at 6:07 am

    Many of the people and cities putting up the harshest resistance to the Putin INVASION are of Russian desent! You three are obvious bots or trolls working for or brainwashed by the Putin regime in Russia.

  6. James

    March 30, 2022 at 7:58 am

    They are all russian trolls. They cant even say the word: war. They just repeat the same script their master tells them to. This is why its so fun to see the russian military dying in UKR. 7 dead generals hahaha 10,000+ stupid russians. The stupidest people in the world are russian. They also have the least courage. Majority of their women look like trash too, only ok after lots of plastic surgery ????

  7. Eric-ji

    March 30, 2022 at 10:08 am

    “more pointless fighting likely” will continue precisely because, as you write, each side will “continue to press its military on the battlefield to extract the best negotiating position possible over its adversary”. It’s not a mystery.

    Of course it’s all pointless from one perspective. From other perspectives there are plenty of points.

  8. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 11:20 am

    To know the real information about the battles in Ukraine, without false propaganda, I advise you to read the articles of the American journalist Scott Ritter. He tells truthfully about how Russian troops clear the cities, how the Bandera Nazis retreat, talks about the real losses of the parties.
    To know the real information about the atrocities, torture of Bandera Nazis, I advise you to read Gonzalo Lear.
    Note that the American Gonzalo Lira lives and works in Ukraine. Now he is in besieged Kyiv and almost daily shares his impressions of what is happening.
    In the context of the version of events imposed by the collective West, Gonzalo Lira insists that all information from the Russian Ministry of Defense is true.
    So earlier he stated the following: “The Russians are incredibly disciplined when it comes to information management. The only information coming from the Russians is statements directly from the Ministry of Defense or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their information so far has been 100% accurate, which, I think is a deliberate strategy. There was a lot of Ukrainian propaganda that turned out to be complete fantasy, but even after these stories turned out to be false, people cling to them.”
    These people know what they are talking about, unlike the false propagandists here.

  9. Bertram

    March 30, 2022 at 12:10 pm

    Every day that passes with Russia failing to achieve their overdue goals, Russian forces are in a weaker position, and Ukrainian forces are in a stronger position.

    More and more weapons are shipped to Ukraine, more tanks destroyed. More helicopters downed. More Russian troops bodies incinerated by cleanup crews to avoid the questions that a continual stream of coffins back to Moscow would create during what is supposed to have been a rousingly successful military operation to free a grateful people from a small group of supposed Nazis.

    Russia can only win at this point by completely destroying Ukraine. Their prestige will not survive leaving a victorious Ukraine in place, even if officially neutral. Ukrainians will never forget the aggression that has been unleashed on their country by fascists in the Kremlin, and the damage from the sanctions will not be ended simply because Russia turns tail and runs out of the country at the first face saving opportunity.

    If Ukraine survives in any form, as it is increasingly likely to do, several outcomes are certain.

    The clock begins ticking on Putin’s ouster.
    Reparations will be paid to the Ukranian people.
    Ukraine will rearm, and though officially neutral, will be far far stronger than before the war and be in position to soon take back any territory in dispute, as Russia’s economy continues to fall apart and the political situation in Moscow fragments.

    Ukraine is far more likely than not, in the long term, to come out of this war the winner.

    Oh yes..and Scott Ritter. The Russia Today “journalist” (and pedophile) who was twice arrested and served jail time for soliciting underaged girls. Charming man and impeccable credentials.

    Russian troops will be fleeing Ukraine with their vehicles on fire and the troll farm will still be posting about how the “Bandara Nazi’s” suffered a new defeat at the hands of the great patriotic army. How the Ukrainian army is running low on missiles (because they have destroyed so many tanks and helicopters) and ammunition (because they have killed another 15,000 Russian troops). The latter parts will be true, but will not be a problem because we are continually shipping them more. Russia will run out of tanks and helicopters before we will run out of missiles. Russia will run out of Colonels and Generals before Ukraine runs out of bullets. We will make sure of that.

    Every day that ticks by is another day that Russia didn’t plan to be fighting, another day the Russian economy breaks a little more, another day Ukraine gains confidence (and rage), and another day that weapons flow to the Ukrainians to defend their country.

    The math looks very bad for Russia.

    Personally, I am waiting for the thing no one is watching. Open revolt in Belarus against Lukashenko. That is why Belarus has not backed up the failing Russian position in Ukraine. Their bigger concern is a revolution in Minsk and Lukashenko following Nicolae Ceaușescu’s path in hanging from a lamppost. The longer this goes on, the more likely for this outcome as well.

  10. Roger

    March 30, 2022 at 12:37 pm

    The negotiated terms described in this article sound like Ukraine is giving up everything and Russia is just making promises. I would never take that deal and I hope Ukraine doesn’t either.
    Whenever this war ends we need to keep Russia cut of from the rest of the world (air travel, trade, banking, etc.) for as long as Putin remains in power. We should do the same with China. They can trade with each other but China won’t haev any money if we stop buying their worthless garbage first.

  11. Vladolph Putler

    March 30, 2022 at 12:44 pm

    Pretty much as as Bertram noted. While not discussed, Ukraine has suffered similar casualties to Russian Forces, but quite a lot have been minimally trained (if at all) civilian militia. Who as time goes on will become more wary and more effective.

    Full mobilization of Ukraine is going to get exponentially more perilous for Russian forces- who have finite limits on their capabilities. In addition to crippling weaknesses in morale, sustainment, and functioning equipment.

    With 40-50k battlefield casualties (with 7-15k kia) out of 190k invading forces, the Russian army is nearly broken as a fighting force.

    Russia can easily tip the tables on force structure through mobilization- but this would illustrate clearly to the Russian populace, the abject military failure taking place. And some weaknesses simply cannot be fixed any time soon. Such as micromanagement through the ranks and lack of cheap(ish) precision ordinance to keep aircraft high enough to avoid manpad systems.

    I disagree with one point Bertram has noted. Belarus. I think anyone who has a real grasp on the situation is watching Belarus. China and the Caucuses in general are also worthy of observance- especially Moldova and Georgia. The time is more than ripe to boot out the Russians.

  12. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 1:24 pm

    Oh, yes – this is a perfect example of journalists being accused of pedophilia. One well-known Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Shariy was forced to flee to Europe from the Bandera Nazis. After that, Ukraine opened a pedophilia case against him. The most interesting thing is that he won all European courts and those who slandered him had to apologize in all the media and now they pay him for life (a very large amount) for slander.
    There are many journalists who tell the truth, such as the German journalist Thomas Röper or the German military expert Thomas Gasta. All these non-existent losses of Russians in Ukraine, which are voiced by Bandera Nazi trolls, are nothing more than fantasies. I am glad that in our world there are journalists who show the real picture and no one can silence them. The West has failed. The West hoped that the people of Russia would rise up against their government. But what really? The peoples of Russia rallied around their leader. The transition to the calculation in rubles for gas and oil hit Western countries extremely hard. The West said – we will not buy for rubles. Russia replied – you can not buy. This is a complete failure of the West.
    Russian experts of the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection have identified officials who took part in the creation of components of biological weapons in Ukraine.
    They are the heads of departments and employees of the US Department of Defense and the main contractor companies of the department. “As the ongoing journalistic investigations in the Western press show, these companies were directly connected with the son of the current US President, Hunter Biden.
    Documents obtained by the Russian Defense Ministry indicate plans by the Kiev regime to use drones capable of carrying and spraying deadly substances, Konashenkov said.
    The Russian Defense Ministry continues to study documents received from employees of Ukrainian biological laboratories about the secret military biological activities of the United States in Ukraine.
    The revealed facts prove that the Kyiv regime seriously considered the possibility of using biological weapons against the population of Donbass and the Russian Federation.
    Three-quarters of German companies in Eastern Europe reported problems due to the disconnection of a number of Russian banks from SWIFT, the Eastern Committee of the German Economy said.
    Every day, warehouses with weapons supplied to Ukraine by Western countries are being destroyed.
    If we say that not only Ukraine, but the West are defeated everywhere, it is to say nothing. No one expected that Russia would be able to fuck the whole West like an ordinary prostitute.

  13. Bertram

    March 30, 2022 at 1:43 pm

    Be careful with the prostitute analogies Sasha.
    It begs the question that alcoholic Russia is still capable of performing.

  14. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 1:54 pm

    Bertarm – did you drink with Russia? I never. Perhaps in your dreams? 🙂
    I said only what Western economists, political scientists and experts say. I would advise them to watch, and not your Ukrainian media or politicized journalists.
    P.S. Don’t drink too much – it’s bad.

  15. Bertram

    March 30, 2022 at 2:04 pm

    I take it back. The perception that alcoholism in Russia is a major problem, and that Russians like to drink more than others is a scurrilous lie, no doubt spread by the Bandera Nazi.

    In any case, it is well known that decadent Uzbeks can drink Russians under the table any day of the midweek.

  16. Eric

    March 30, 2022 at 2:47 pm

    Alex and Commentar area always the most active Russian-friendly trolls here, and usually posting first, and during business hours in Moscow. I wonder how karma will treat you both when you realize the truth is that Ukraine is the victim and Russia is the perpetrator and you both supported your government while it commits atrocities. If you have a conscience, you will feel bad like I did when I realized the USA George W. Bush administration was lying to us about Iraq.

  17. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 2:48 pm

    Bertram, you don’t even know the amount of alcohol consumed by country. This myth about the first place among the Russians can only be said by a stupid person. Look at any data from any country. You are laughing at yourself right now. And what does alcohol have to do with this topic? I gave information that you could check and try to refute, and you just slipped into legends about eternally drunk Russians- 🙂

  18. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 2:53 pm

    Eric, if you were even a little educated, you would know how many time zones there are in Russia and what time zone is in Poland. But you couldn’t even check that. I think that your disappointment about the Bandera Nazis in Ukraine will hit you harder than the Iraq story. The realization that they are there and what they did and do will make you regret the rest of your life. Especially when the facts of their actions are published, which are already published by independent journalists in the USA, Germany, China and other countries.

  19. Phil Landerer

    March 30, 2022 at 3:29 pm

    Ukraine has a lot of gain by pushing east and cleaning out Putin’s worm nest of evil. Russia has been coasting on boasting and come up short; a third rate bastion of lies, subterfuge and corruption – good riddance.

  20. Puta Sux

    March 30, 2022 at 3:30 pm

    This site is infiltrated by Russian Puta’s.
    There are no “NAZI’s” in Ukraine. That is a propaganda campaign by Puta.
    Besides, Ukraine is none of Puta’s business.
    We all know the strategic goal of Russia is domination of Azov and Crimea.

  21. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 3:50 pm

    Why are Ukrainian Nazis spreading across Europe? Let’s tell the truth and what is happening right now.

    Ukrainian radicals were supposed to rush to the front, but they fled to Europe, where they are already beginning to establish their own rules.
    The successful advance of Russian troops in Ukraine forces the nationalists to flee the country. Europe is becoming a haven for some radicals. At the same time, in the Old World they continue to wage their struggle against everything Russian.

    Not only refugees went to Europe, but also fighters from the Nazi battalions Azov and Aidar. Some of them have already been noticed in European countries, as they are not particularly hidden.

    Poland receives the most immigrants from Ukraine. Local residents complain about the behavior of the refugees, but they still do not know that the followers of those who staged the Volyn massacre came to them. Artyom Zalesov, better known as Artyom Bonov, arrived in Poland. Once he led the destruction of the population of Donbass as part of the Azov regiment, and now he is hiding in Europe, knowing that if he falls into the hands of Russian military personnel, then he will have a long journey through the colonies. The character’s tattoos are notable. Swastikas probably won’t surprise anyone, but the image of the emblem of the 34th Volunteer Infantry Division “Landstorm Nederland” raises questions. In addition, the gunman does not hide the weapon. He demonstrates in numerous photos on social networks from Poland that he managed to escape from Ukraine with a machine gun and a pistol.

    In his address, Zalesov said that he was waiting for Sergei Korotkikh, who is known as Malyuta or Boatswain, to visit. It is worth noting that Korotkikh is also a participant in the hostilities in the Donbass and is also part of the Azov regiment. Adequate Poles have already begun to warn that followers of the OUN-UPA Nazis are coming to them. In Polish cities, leaflets began to appear with the inscription: “Bandera people are people without honor.”

    Neighboring Germany does not stand aside and supports Ukrainian nationalists. One of the leaders of the German radicals, Tobias Schultz, said on his social networks that he was waiting for the former press secretary of the Nazi Right Sector, Elena Semenyaka.

    – Elena Semenyaka, the first lady of Ukrainian Nazism, is fine so far. She is trying to leave the capital with other comrades and come to Germany,” wrote Schultz.

    The German Ministry of Internal Affairs is concerned that German right-wingers are coming to Ukraine. If they are not demilitarized, this will already be a headache for the German authorities.

    Calm Greece also faced the arrival of Azov supporters. In Athens, unknown people painted a monument to Soviet soldiers who died for the freedom and independence of Greece. The inscription Azov, the symbol of the regiment and the Celtic cross appeared on the monument.

    Azov was also supported in Bulgaria. The youth organization “Kubratova Mladez” issued a statement in support of their white brothers, and the leader of the Bulgarian National Union Party, Boyan Rasate, posted a video featuring the symbols of the “Right Sector” and “Azov”. Of course, Rasate expressed words of support to his associates from Ukraine.

    It is not surprising that countries that recently suffered under the Nazis now support Ukrainian radicals. Even Israel was not left out. Artyom Moshensky, a militant from Azov, was treated by Jewish doctors. It seems that this is a parallel universe, but it is a reality.

    There are already manifestations of radicalism in Europe. We see people with swastikas, as well as people who think of shouting “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” in Poland, given that under this slogan entire Polish settlements were massacred. This will come back to haunt both the Poles and other Europeans. I think that soon the influx of such people will become a serious problem in Europe, – says political scientist Vladimir Kornilov.

    As Ukraine is liberated from the Nazis by Russian troops, the number of refugees to Europe will increase. Former militants will go along with the civilian population. In troubled Europe, they will enlist the support of local nationalists.

    For European countries, this will be a new challenge. The country will be filled with people with radical views and combat experience. In addition, these will be offended people who want to return to Ukraine and start a war against Russia. The problem will be that they simply have nowhere to go. If they return to Ukraine, they will face harsh denazification, and in Europe they will face a marginal existence with the risk of deportation and, as a result, criminalization.

    We have already seen how ordinary Ukrainians behave. Radicals will behave even more arrogantly. Moreover, these are people who have military experience and are trained to kill. What will they do there? Most likely criminal activity. A problem arises, since the illegal niche is already occupied by refugees from the Middle East. Sooner or later there will be clashes. Naturally, ordinary Europeans will become victims of these clashes.

    Together with the radicals, the weapons provided by Europe will also come. And it is not known where it will shoot. The only chance for salvation from this will be filtration, but so far European countries do not want to admit the presence of Nazis in Ukraine.

    I think that a normal society will not be happy with the presence of people who are potentially murderers, sadists who lead a corresponding lifestyle. Ukrainian nationalists can join their ranks, and then the whole of Europe will shudder from their presence. Now Poland and Romania will take measures so that the representatives of the national battalions continue to stay in Ukraine, where they will be disposed of, – suggests Rodion Miroshnik, diplomatic adviser to the head of the LPR.

    Of course, for Europe, the only right decision would be to close the entrance to all members of the punitive battalions. It will be beneficial for Russia to deal with them. In the meantime, the trend is reversed, it can develop into major criminal wars in European countries.

  22. L'amateur d'aéroplanes

    March 30, 2022 at 5:14 pm

    You have to be totally and irremediably intoxicated by the Kremlin’s extremely poor quality propaganda to believe these fables of the “denazification” of Ukraine and puppet power. The fascists are in Moscow, who has been president for life for a quarter of a century? who destroyed the independent media? who makes a person arrested for simply having a blank sign without any written word? And Russian youth know this very well and flee the country when they can.
    According to the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC), between 50,000 and 70,000 IT professionals have already left the country, a figure that could reach 170,000 by the end of April.

  23. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 6:33 pm

    Aircraft lover, everyone understood that you are an ordinary Bandera troll 🙂
    You have no idea how people live in Russia now. Tell your curators to write new training manuals, otherwise this bullshit from the times of the Cold War causes only laughter 🙂
    Read carefully what I wrote above and CHECK with the sources, ONLY the truth is written there. Poor, poor Zaperdolenko 🙂

  24. mawendt

    March 30, 2022 at 7:23 pm

    1. Russia via Putin is the unlawful aggressor.

    2. Security guarantees could have been negotiated without war, but Putin’s intent was to topple the UKR government and install a satellite puppet leader a la Belarus; no Putin is forced to negotiate.

    3. The UKR military is bleeding the Russian military, and have embarrassed the Russian’s ablities and equipment.

    4. The vast majority of the world has implemented crippling sanctions on Russian that will take at least a decade if not two or more to recover; Russia will probably not be a major fuel supplier to the west in the next 10 to 20 years.

    5. AFter the conflict, UKR will recieve trillions of dolars from the West for rebuild while Russia will get zilch. In 15 years or much less, the UKR will have a military that would have the ablity to project force into Russia as opposed to remaining defensive.

    6. Russian naval vessels will always be under the threat of UKR anti-ship missiles forever; the border will receive enhanced security and ability for anti-air radars to reach deep into Russia; future UKR rocket artillery and SS missiles will be hardened and given pe-developed targets into Russia. UKR will develop an incredible spy network that exclusively targets Russia and Russian interests.

    7. When the Russian soldiers return home,this Putin and crony Russian Regime will be replaced;between economic and military disasters, and pointless deaths of young men – it is over for Putin.

    8. Internally, there will be a Russian military, intelligence, and government purge attempting to place the blame on ‘AnybodybutPutinski’ that will further inflame the populace. The survivors, families of those targeted, and supporters will change Russian government when they get into power after they remove Putin.

    Russia is done as a world power in my lifetime. NATO has been re-energized; additional nations see the need for that military self-defense; money won’t be flowing east and many nations will be looking to eliminate dependency on any foreign nation. Putin’s name is and will be associated with horrible failure and damage to the Russian people.

    I am truly sorry for them having to bear the brunt of that fool’s actions.

  25. Alex

    March 30, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    The countries of Europe, and in particular the UK, did not even try to think about the consequences of sanctions against Russia for them when they introduced these restrictions. So says political commentator Anthony Webber.

    “When countries, in particular the United Kingdom, began to impose anti-Russian sanctions, the authorities did not even think about the consequences of these actions for Britain itself. This also applies to other European countries,” he explained.

    According to Webber, the resulting consequences were protests and demonstrations in the EU.
    “Naturally, this has led to protests in a number of countries. It seems to me that as a result, pressure will increase on the governments of Western countries. It is obvious that their population cannot withstand such a serious burden from everyday expenses,” he stressed.

    He believes that now it is important that Europe completely change its own policy, and also realize that those who impose sanctions against the Russian Federation, as a result, “impose them against themselves.”

    Earlier, The Guardia newspaper stated that the anti-Russian sanctions of the United States and the European Union led to the fact that these countries themselves fell into a trap created for the Russian Federation.

    The transition to paying for oil, gas and coal in rubles is only the beginning. Russia intends to convert all payments into rubles, even for agricultural goods. When they said in Europe that they would not buy for rubles, Russia replied: “You don’t have to buy, you won’t get anything for free.” April 1st starts like this. Russia does not care about squeals and whining, the West never understood that Russia can destroy the West not only militarily, but, as it turned out, also economically.

    The conduct of a special military operation in Ukraine is supported by 84% of Russian citizens. This is evidenced by the survey data of the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion.

    At the same time, the Russians’ idea of ​​the goals of the special operation in Ukraine has remained unchanged over the past two weeks. The main one is to protect Russia, disarm Ukraine and prevent the deployment of NATO military bases on its territory (56% of respondents). In addition, respondents state their goals to change the political course of Ukraine and cleanse it of the Nazis (29%), and also name the purpose of the special operation to protect the population of Donbass (37%).

    The number of volunteers to take part in a special military operation from Russia reaches several tens of thousands of people. However, they are denied because the military, who serve under the contract, take part in a special military operation.

    Every day more and more cities are liberated, every day Nazi battalions are destroyed. The ring around the largest grouping of Ukrainian troops is already shrinking. The whole world sees that the puppet government in Ukraine will inevitably fall and the operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine will be fully carried out.

    The “whole world” that allegedly supports Ukraine is less than 20% of the entire globe. The US plan has completely failed.

  26. Bertram

    March 31, 2022 at 12:18 pm

    If Russia wants to require payments for real assets to be made in a weak currency like the depreciating ruble, they are welcome to do so.

    Perhaps they will also accept dogecoin, magic beans, and MMM certificates. Will Putin also accept North Korean Won?

    A leading indicator of the depth of the debacle that Russia finds itself in, is the extent of the lies and propaganda being excreted on their behalf to claim the opposite. If the invasion was going well, they wouldn’t need to say anything.

    Every day more dead Russians, more destroyed tanks, more downed helicopters, and a larger crater where the Russian economy used to be. Ukraine has exceeded all expectations and the world is with them.

    Enjoy pariah status.

  27. Alex

    April 1, 2022 at 9:14 am

    Starting April 1, Russian pipeline gas will be sold for rubles to “unfriendly countries” – for this, buyers will have to open ruble accounts with Gazprombank.
    President Vladimir Putin signed a decree that establishes new rules for trading Russian pipeline gas with “unfriendly” countries in rubles.
    “If you don’t want to buy, don’t buy,” Putin said. Do you think it’s worth checking out the rest of Russia’s red lines? Try it.

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