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3.2 Million People Will Soon Get $500 Stimulus Checks

Stimulus Check
Image of US Currency. Image Credit: Creative Commons.

Virginians On Track to Stimulus Checks By Halloween: Virginia residents waiting on the latest stimulus checks should expect to receive their money before Halloween. The news comes after the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation to grant tax rebates to residents worth up to $500.

Stimulus Checks

Stimulus Money. Image Credit: Creative Commons.

As many as 3.2 million taxpayers are expected to receive the rebates. Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin praised the passing of the legislation, recognizing that residents “face high inflation and prices coming from policies set in Washington.”

“Past administrations have overtaxed Virginians and by returning taxpayer money to Virginia’s taxpayers we are ensuring that hard working Virginians get to keep more of their paycheck during these difficult economic times,” Youngkin said. 

Stimulus Checks: Who Qualifies?

The Virginia General Assembly passed a law that gives taxpayers in the state a rebate worth $250 if they are filing individually, and $500 if they file jointly with a spouse. Not all residents qualify for the rebate, however.

Only those who had a tax liability last year will receive the payment. A tax liability is the tax a state resident owes to the state minus any credits or deductions. 

Not sure if you qualify for the payment? The Virginia state government created an online rebate lookup tool. Simple enter your SSN or ITIN and zip code and the tool will tell you what you may or may not be eligible to receive. 

Some residents who owe money to government agencies may see a payment of less than $250 deposited into their accounts, as the state government is required to use the rebate to satisfy those debts. For those who owe the state government more than $250 or $500, no payment will be issued. 

How to Get the Stimulus Checks 

All eligible state residents will automatically receive the payment without applying for it. For those who previously received their tax refund this year by direct deposit, the tax rebate is likely to arrive in the same way and in the same bank account.

Residents must have filed their tax return by November 1, 2022 to receive the refund and also had a 2021 tax liability. Rebates are being processed on a first in/first out basis, meaning that those who filed their tax returns by July 1 will receive their rebate in late October, before Halloween.

Residents who filed their tax returns between July 1 and November 1 should expect to receive the payment within four months of their filing date. 

For those receiving the payment via direct deposit, the payment will appear under the description “VA DEPT TAXATION VATXREBATE.”

Other taxpayers should expect to receive their rebate check in the mail. 

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