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Wife of Russian Solider Gives Away TV Because of Ukraine War

M777 Artillery Like in Ukraine
Soldiers, with team Deadpool, B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Field Artillery Regiment, Division Artillery, 1st Armored Division, fire a M777 Howitzer, during the Two Gun Raid September 20 at Oro Grande Range Complex, N.M. 2-3 FA conducts the Two Gun Raid and table VI qualification annually. (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Michael Eaddy). This is similar to the artillery engaged in Ukraine.

The war in Ukraine is going very badly for Russia in what seems like a defeat of Putin‘s effort to conquer the country. And now it seems even average Russian are getting sick of what the Kremlin is showing them about the war on TV. 

The wife of a Russian soldier told The Washington Post she gave her television away because the war in Ukraine was making her “aggressive.”

The woman, only identified as Yana, was a supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year and previously always liked to have state-controlled news playing in her St. Petersburg apartment, The Post reported.

But when her partner — who was not named — was drafted as part of Putin’s mobilization efforts in September, Yana became increasingly worried about the war.

“We don’t know anything else,” Yana told The Post. “We are so used to believing in what we are told.”

The couple, who share a four-year-old son, decided to get married right before her partner was sent to Ukraine.

Since then, Yana said she’s been trying to stay in touch with him as much as possible, but is concerned about the conditions many Russian soldiers are fighting in.

“They do not have any orders and they do not have any tasks,” she told The Post. “I spoke to my husband yesterday and he said that they have no clue what to do. They were just abandoned and they have lost all trust, all faith in the authorities.”

The phone calls about the reported fighting conditions irritated Yana so much that she gave away the television because it was making her “aggressive,” she told The Post.

“I am just an ordinary woman and I want to live in peace. That’s all I want,” she added.

Yana’s husband was not named in the article, and it is unclear where exactly in Ukraine he is currently fighting. Insider is unable to independently verify the report.

The report comes after Russian troops withdrew from the city of Kherson last week. It was the first major city and the only regional capital in Ukraine captured by Russia since the beginning of its invasion in February.

It also marked one of the most significant setbacks for Russia so far in its war in Ukraine. Kyiv’s forces have notched significant breakthroughs in recent months, launching counteroffensives along the war’s northeastern and southern fronts.

Sophia Ankel is a News Reporter based in London. She also has bylines in the Guardian, The Independent, and VICE. Sophia has spoken about her work on BBC Three Radio. This first appeared in Insider. 

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Sophia Ankel is a News Reporter based in London.