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Watch: Footage Shows Russian Missile Strike In Ukraine From Drivers’ Dashcam

Ukraine Dashcam Footage
Ukraine Dashcam Footage. Image Credit: Twitter.

Video footage shared on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s official Telegram page back in November of last year shows an explosion in the central city of Dnipro.

The explosion was caught on the dashcam of a driver in Ukraine and demonstrates the kind of damage being done by Russian missile strikes in major urban population centers across Ukraine.

The footage emerged as Russia continued its bombardment of cities all over the country, explicitly targeting energy infrastructure and residential buildings and streets.

The war has now been raging for over one year and shows no signs of letting up.

In fact, in the coming weeks and months, we may witness an uptick in fighting as both sides launch new offensives and Ukraine gets new, western-style tanks like the Leopard 2 and eventually the M1 Abrams tank from the U.S. government. 

What We Know

The short video clip shows drivers traveling along a road before an explosion in the distance occurs.

The blast appears out of nowhere and immediately causes nearby trees to shed their leaves.

Drives heading toward the explosion can be seen stopping their cars and quickly turning away to escape the blast.

Following a sudden fireball, plumes of black smoke can be seen rising into the air.

Local people reported on social media that the explosion struck a railway station and warehouses, and one resident noted that it occurred only 800 meters from their home.

“800m from my home. It was loud,” one Twitter user said.

The attack was also reportedly directed at the Southern Machine-Building Plant, a state-run aerospace manufacturing facility.

In Zelenskyy’s Telegram post, the Ukrainian president said that the blast occurred in Dnipro and was the work of Russian terrorists.

Sadly, as the war has progressed over the last twelve months, there are countless videos circulating all over the internet and social media that demonstrate the horror of this conflict – a war of choice by Putin in which clear war crimes were committed by Moscow. 

A War Like No Other

In the early days of the conflict, many experts thought the war would never last a year.

Some even thought Putin could emulate U.S. strategy during the 1991 Gulf War and win a conflict fast. 

While it was originally thought by many analysts and scholars that Russia would win the war quickly by taking Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, Moscow has become bogged down in a war of attrition.

Ukraine claims that Russia has suffered 150,000 deaths thanks to the conflict – a staggering number that could sack the Russian military of its finest soldiers and personnel for years to come.  

Jack Buckby is 19FortyFive’s Breaking News Editor. He is a British author, counter-extremism researcher, and journalist based in New York City. 

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Jack Buckby is 19FortyFive's Breaking News Editor. He is a British author, counter-extremism researcher, and journalist based in New York. Reporting on the U.K., Europe, and the U.S., he works to analyze and understand left-wing and right-wing radicalization, and reports on Western governments’ approaches to the pressing issues of today. His books and research papers explore these themes and propose pragmatic solutions to our increasingly polarized society.