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Biden Should Worry: Jake Sullivan Has a Lot of Explaining To Do

New revelations about the extensive ties between Hunter Biden and Jake Sullivan, however, opens an entirely new line of inquiry into Sullivan’s role in the seedy behavior of the Biden Syndicate. 

President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the situation in Afghanistan, Monday, August 16, 2021 in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)
President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the situation in Afghanistan, Monday, August 16, 2021 in the East Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Biden Administration national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has been billed by the Liberal media as a real Doogie Howser of the national security adviser.

Yale-educated and well-connected, this Boy Wonder has been heralded as the greatest national security adviser since the Harvard man, McGeorge Bundy (himself highly overrated), ran the situation room for JFK. 

Like so many current American elites of a Liberal persuasion, Sullivan exists in an artificial alternate reality created by a powerful media machine designed to insulate the specially anointed from the real world of accountability, logic, and facts. 

Sullivan is the man who sheepishly admitted to an audience of fellow delusional elites at the Aspen Security Forum that he never really knew what a supply chain was until he became the White House national security adviser. 

That’s who is supposedly running national security policy and who we are told is the definition of competence. He’s one the “adults” who came back to power with “Sleepy” Joe Biden. 

The Sullivans and Their Big Lie

As an aside, the Yale connection is an interesting one for Sullivan. After all, Sullivan’s wife also went to Yale. 

And just who is Boy Wonder’s top squeeze? 

None other than a viciously partisan Department of Justice attorney who propagated the Trump-Russia collusion delusion. The mad Mrs. Sullivan perpetuated this lie—using her status in the DOJ, no less, to do so—even as her dear hubby was covering-up his potentially illicit ties to Hunter Biden and the actual criminality that the future First Son was committing globally. 

It’s true, Sullivan has been more hawkish on China than many other Biden advisers have been. But that’s not saying much. Especially since on every other major foreign policy issue, Sullivan trends toward dovishness—notably Iran, America’s number one threat in the Greater Middle East and a major destabilizer of whatever is left of the world order. 

Sullivan has also been hawkish on the matter of the Russo-Ukraine War, even risking a nuclear conflict with Russia over what really should be a peripheral concern for the United States.

It is the matter of Ukraine that raises many questions. Because it all seems to come back to Ukraine with the Biden crew. Hunter Biden made a cartoonish amount of money sitting on the board of Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma, while his father was the vice president of the United States under Barack Obama

In fact, it is suspected that Biden used his position in the Obama Administration to pressure the Ukrainian government to drop an anti-corruption investigation into Hunter Biden.

Beyond those suspicions, Sullivan’s undying support for Ukraine—even at the risk of a wider nuclear world war with Russia—yet his opposition to more hawkish policies on China as it relates to Taiwan becomes more understandable. 

After all, the Biden Syndicate has taken gobs of money over many years from Ukraine and China. Therefore, it makes sense that the Biden cabal would push for all levels of hostility against Russia in Ukraine but refuse to do anything of the sort for Taiwan against China.

Jake Sullivan had been in Biden’s orbit for many years. 

Jake Sullivan, a Bag Man for Joe Biden?

The supposed whiz kid previously served as then-Vice-President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, where traveled to more than one hundred nations with Biden.

It was one trip in particular that has attracted the attention of the House GOP members who are investigating the Hunter Biden scandal.

In 2013, while serving as Biden’s top national security adviser, Sullivan accompanied Biden—and his son, Hunter—to China. This was the trip where Hunter Biden cemented a massive investment from a Chinese natural gas tycoon (who was also deeply connected to the highest levels of China’s government). 

After his time in the Obama Administration, Sullivan went on to become a senior foreign policy adviser for the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016. Quickly realizing he had hitched his rising star to a dud, Sullivan did what all shameless self-promoters do: never admit to having a mistake and instead deflect your failures onto others and craft slick excuses for those bad decisions and failures. 

In this case, along with his wife, Jake Sullivan spread the Big Lie that Donald Trump was a Russian pawn in a larger scheme on the part of Vladimir Putin to knock his great foe, Hillary Clinton out of the presidential race, and install his agent, Trump, in the White House. 

Few in the Western press dared to question the information that Sullivan and the other DNC misinformation specialists were spreading. They wouldn’t even question the motivations of people like Sullivan for spreading these false rumors. 

Sullivan’s experience in spreading misinformation to the American people was brought into the fray again when his colleague on the Biden Campaign in 2020 orchestrated a letter signed by 51 former intelligence officials calling the Hunter Biden laptop scandal little more than “Russian disinformation.”

So, the greatest intellect of our time, Jake Sullivan, is nothing more than a liar who routinely manipulates the American people in order to keep his bosses in power and to ensure his own job security, according to Republican investigators. 

Sullivan’s actions could have been understood as simply protecting his boss and his own career. That was bad enough. They certainly did protect his career from a string of what should have been permanently damaging defeats.

Josh Hawley Calls Sullivan Out

Yet, the new revelations about the extensive ties between Hunter Biden and Jake Sullivan, however, opens an entirely new line of inquiry into Sullivan’s role in the seedy behavior of the Biden Syndicate. 

According to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), for two years before Joe Biden ran for president in 2020, Hunter Biden and Jake Sullivan both sat on the board of the Truman National Security Project, a Liberal foreign policy think tank.

Jake Sullivan has been accused by former White House stenographer (who served for 15 years in that role), Mike McCormick, of being a “co-conspirator” in what he described as the Biden “kickback scheme” in Ukraine during Joe Biden’s time as President Obama’s vice-president. Sullivan has denied these accusations.

Although, it stands to reason, that having served as a key Biden errand boy for the many years he did before being rewarded with the role of White House national security adviser, Sullivan did something to fund his lavish lifestyle and stay ingratiated in the Democratic Party’s power structure (which is built upon corruption).

What Has Jake Sullivan Done for America?

Not once did Jake Sullivan take his fancy Yale degree or use his high-end pedigree to actually serve the people—or to even enrich himself through legitimate work. 

He was insulated by the mostly Left-leaning press while he served as a conduit for the Biden Syndicate’s global corruption machine, was rewarded with cushy board positions in which he contributed little and received much in the way of murky donor money and was ultimately elevated to one of the highest positions in the US national security bureaucracy. 

Sen. Josh Hawley is correct. Sullivan has much to answer for. And the investigations into his role with the Hunter Biden scandal is only just getting underway. As House GOP investigators open up that particular scab on the Biden Family’s patchy skin of corruption, they are likely to find a lot of problems. 

Don’t be fooled by Sullivan’s boyish charms or his “aw shucks” boy scout routine. He seems to have been knee-deep in the pernicious corruption that the Biden Family stands accused of by Republicans. 

When push comes to shove and President Biden needs to save himself and his son, he will throw his closest advisers under the bus first. Both Sullivan and Blinken’s days are numbered. 

And suppose that fresh meat doesn’t distract the dogged Republican investigators. In that case, one can be assured that President Biden will ultimately chuck his wayward son to the wolves in a last-ditch effort to save his own shambolic presidency. 

Will the GOP Get Their Man?

Whether the Republicans can prove President Biden’s ultimate role in the ongoing influence-peddling operation that Hunter Biden and several close Biden associates, like Blinkenand  Sullivan, are suspected of having engaged in, is another question entirely.

Still, the GOP seems properly fixated on their target and they aren’t being dissuaded by the partisan press or the desperate Democrats to bugger off from that investigation. 

For the sake of the Republic, let us hope they can get to the truth—preferably before Americans vote in the 2024 Presidential Election.

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A 19FortyFive Senior Editor, Brandon J. Weichert is a former Congressional staffer and geopolitical analyst who is a contributor at The Washington Times, as well as at American Greatness and the Asia Times. He is the author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower (Republic Book Publishers), Biohacked: China’s Race to Control Life (May 16), and The Shadow War: Iran’s Quest for Supremacy (July 23). Weichert can be followed via Twitter @WeTheBrandon.

Written By

Brandon J. Weichert is a former Congressional staffer and geopolitical analyst who recently became a writer for Weichert is a contributor at The Washington Times, as well as a contributing editor at American Greatness and the Asia Times. He is the author of Winning Space: How America Remains a Superpower (Republic Book Publishers), The Shadow War: Iran’s Quest for Supremacy (March 28), and Biohacked: China’s Race to Control Life (May 16). Weichert can be followed via Twitter @WeTheBrandon.



  1. CRS, DrPH

    May 22, 2023 at 1:25 am

    Really?? I wish this website would stick to military matters.

  2. 404NotFound

    May 22, 2023 at 3:22 am

    Sullivan is to biden what brzezinski was to carter.

    A truly hot potato that has its rightful place only in the US white house garbage bin or recycle bin.

    Brzezinski in 1980 almost had the US head-on in a nuclear war with the USSR.

    On june 3 1980, brzezinski received a phone call shortly after midnight from his military aide, william odom (who was at NORAD hq), that the soviets had launched several missiles toward the US.

    A second call from Odom said more missiles were detected.

    Brzezinski was about to call president carter to authorize a retaliatory strike when he received a third call from Odom.

    The call was “Oops, sorry. False alarm.”

  3. T Paine

    May 22, 2023 at 10:39 am

    Every syndicate has a fixer and a bag man. The Bidens have Blinken and Sullivan.

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