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Editorial Guidelines

As we live in an era of “fake news” where trust in media is low 19FortyFive does everything within our power to provide our readers with the most accurate, fact-checked, and transparently created content we can.

Our goal is to ensure what you read on this site you can trust, refer it to family and friends, and win your readership through publishing values that should be embraced by all outlets.

With that said, the editorial team has put in place the following Editorial Guidelines to ensure a high level of quality in what we provide. This includes, but is not limited to, seven core principles, based on the life experiences of our own editorial team as well as what we feel should be universal standards set by all publishing houses across the world. We plan to keep updating these as we move forward.

As of September 8, 2021, this is what you can expect of us: 

  1. All content, no matter how reputable the source, is fact-checked in as rigorous of a manner as possible. This is why all pieces should have as much sourcing as possible. Our goal is to get it right and earn your trust through the quality of what we publish. Nothing is more important to us.
  2. We do not believe in stealth corrections that are now commonplace on the internet and in the broader publishing world. If we make a factual mistake, we pledge to disclose it, explain how it occurred, and then correct it. We know mistakes can happen, we are human. Our goal is to just be transparent about it.
  3. All content, no matter the source, is checked for plagiarism, using multiple different methods that are paid for by this publication. This also means our editors check for self-plagiarism as well. We are OK with authors recycling material, we just ask that our editorial teams and readers are aware of it.
  4. All content, no matter how reputable the source, is checked for conflicts of interest. Not disclosing a conflict of interest could result in a permanent ban from publishing with 19fortyfive.
  5. 19FortyFive does all it can to ensure authors who submit content are who they say they are. We may ask for you to provide proof of your credentials.
  6. We will accept pieces from those who wish to protect their identity for clear and important reasons, however, we must disclose that your identity is protected to our readers, and why in cases where that context is important.
  7. As 19FortyFive strives to be open to all ideas and is a site that is bipartisan in nature, we will never reject any submission regardless of its slant, left or right. However, we will not tolerate or accept pieces that use ad hominem attacks to further an argument.
  8. How we are funded: This publication is entirely funded by ad revenue at the moment. We do not accept any funding whatsoever from foreign governments or individuals.