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Hunter Biden’s Legal Nightmare Keeps Getting Worse

A leading senator looking into Hunter Biden’s finances and those of the Biden family claimed Tuesday during a Senate floor speech that the FBI labeled evidence in the case as “Russian disinformation” to protect the president’s family.

Hunter Biden. Image Credit: Screenshot Via YouTube.
Hunter Biden. Image Credit: Screenshot.

Grassley: FBI, DOJ Protecting Hunter Biden and family – Claims that the Justice Department is politically protecting the Biden family continue to mount. 

Hunter Biden: What We Know at the Moment 

A leading senator looking into Hunter Biden’s finances and those of the Biden family claimed Tuesday during a Senate floor speech that the FBI labeled evidence in the case as “Russian disinformation” to protect the president’s family.

“… [A]s I noted last Congress, protected whistleblower disclosures to my office make clear that the FBI has within its possession very significant, very impactful and very voluminous evidence with respect to potential criminal conduct by members of the Biden family,” Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, said. “Based on protected whistleblower allegations, I know the FBI falsely labeled that evidence as Russian disinformation to bury it. 

Grassley continued: “To date, the Biden Justice Department and FBI haven’t challenged the accuracy of these allegations. They can’t because my staff has independently reviewed records to support the allegations.”

More Drama

Just last week, an IRS senior criminal investigative supervisor came forward to accuse Attorney General Merrick Garland of interfering in the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden’s finances and possible firearms violations and for lying to Congress about it.

Democratic congressional leaders accused Grassley and Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., of pushing Russian disinformation in 2020 when they started examining then candidate Joe Biden and Hunter Biden’s finances. The senators were examining Hunter Biden’s involvement with the allegedly corrupt Ukrainian energy firm Burisma. 

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the leaders of the House and Senate Intelligence Committee sent a letter in July 2020 to FBI Director Christopher Wray claiming the senators were pushing Russian disinformation aimed at damaging Joe Biden and at helping Donald Trump win a second term.

Grassley and Johnson vociferously denied pushing Russian disinformation at the time, accusing Democrats of pushing disinformation.

“Liberal media outlets have picked up that reference, clearly from a leak, even though we have not received any information from that person, including tapes, and we both have publicly and privately stated as much. Thus it is you, not us, who have participated in the spread of disinformation,” Grassley and Johnson wrote in an August 2020 letter to Democratic congressional leaders. “Far from promoting Russian disinformation, our investigation is focused on uncovering the facts concerning what did and did not occur so that we can put these matters to rest.

“We also call on you to stop playing political games with this issue. It is simply too important.”

What Did Joe Biden Know? 

Evidence has since materialized that Grassley said proved that Joe Biden knew about his son’s dealings.

Grassley and Johnson have delved into the Biden family’s bank transactions and uncovered ties between Hunter Biden, the president’s brother James Biden, and individuals with ties to Chinese military intelligence.

Earlier this month, Johnson announced that Cathay Bank, a Chinese-American bank with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing had turned over bank records that showed the Bidens had received large amounts of money from CEFC Energy.

They found that CEFC Energy wired millions to Hudson West III, a joint venture owned by Hunter Biden and Gongwen Dong, a close associated of CEFC Energy’s former CEO and Hunter Biden business partner Ye Jianming. Ye previously served as deputy secretary general of the China Association for International Friendly Contacts (CAIFC), which the U.S.-China Security Review Commission says “performs dual roles of intelligence collection and conducting propaganda and perception management campaigns.” 

Grassley likewise connected Gongwen with a company that had deep ties to “‘united front’ groups linked to Chinese intelligence.”

“This is $5 million from a company connected to Ye Jianming and CEFC and its affiliates, which are essentially arms of the communist Chinese regime,” Grassley said in a March 2022 floor speech.

Grassley accused his Democratic colleagues of undermining the credibility of law enforcement in his speech Tuesday.

“The facts bear out that it’s our Democratic colleagues who have consistently used federal law enforcement to their political benefit and, in the process, they’ve degraded the trust the American people once placed in federal law enforcement,” Grassley said.  

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