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High Stakes: Donald Trump Giving His Biggest Speech in Years on Saturday at CPAC

Donald Trump. Image Credit: Creative Commons.
Donald Trump

What Will Donald Trump Say at CPAC 2023? Former President Donald Trump is the headline speaker at this year’s CPAC, the conservative confab that riles up the MAGA faithful every year, at least since Trump has been president.

He will be speaking to a friendly audience, but he is the frontrunner in the Republican presidential sweepstakes. That means his competition will be looking for weaknesses and signs he is faltering on stage.

Oh, the Humanity

Trump loves CPAC and it will be a sea of red, white, and blue humanity clamoring to hail their hero. By the time he speaks on Saturday, March 4, other presidential contenders such as former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy will have already spoken.

Competition Has Better Things To Do

Trump’s main competition, Ron DeSantis, who hasn’t officially declared for the presidency, has taken a pass on CPAC. He will be touting his new book and visiting donors in Florida. Former Vice President Mike Pence has also opted to skip CPAC. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, sometimes mentioned as a presidential hopeful, will not appear either.

When Will the Trump Train Take Off?

The crowd appeared docile at times on March 2. It took a few hours for the conference center located outside of Washington, DC to fill up. There was no shortage of MAGA hats and clothing. Dozens of media outlets were on press row conducting live interviews of speakers and other VIPs at the venue.

Preaching to the Choir

Donald Trump should be in his element. This crowd already believes that the 2020 election was stolen from their hero. They think that President Joe Biden has been a disaster. Inflation is stubborn. Gas prices are not budging much from their high levels. The southern border is a mess with illegal immigration and fentanyl pouring into the United States from Mexico. CPAC goers are mad. They want Trump to throw them red meat until they feel firm that the Republicans can take back the White House.

How Does It Compare to Other CPACs?

Since Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence are staying away, attendance might be down this year.

Trump does not speak until Saturday at 5p, so his fans will have to stick around for the main event. I saw the same levels of excitement and anticipation for this year’s opening day that I have experienced at other CPACs. This one has more intensity than CPAC Texas which I went to in Dallas in 2021.

Straw Poll Will Be Interesting

Trump needs a rollicking speech to send MAGA voters home happy. A less enthusiastic crowd or attendees who sit on their hands will show critics that Donald Trump could be vulnerable. CPAC attendees will also be voting in CPAC’s straw poll. This ballot will have more candidates on it then you would expect. Any Republican with a whiff of interest in being president will be on the list. Trump won by a large margin at CPAC Texas in August in 2022.

How Much Will Donald Trump Win By?

Trump is expected to take first place, but by how high a percentage? DeSantis might be making a mistake by skipping CPAC. This would have given him a forum to share how well his state has done since he has been governor. His youth and vigor could have contrasted with Trump’s older age.

Elections Are About the Future

Donald Trump needs to explain his views about the future of the United States and what he wants to accomplish while in office if elected to a second term. Securing the border will be number one. Halting inflation is number two. Bringing down budget deficits and the national debt would be another issue to address. The war in Ukraine could be mentioned and Trump may offer his idea of a peace plan between Kyiv and Moscow.

This will be a must-see speech and 19FortyFive will be there for full coverage of it. We will also have comprehensive reports on other addresses from Haley and fiery Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert, among others.

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