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Liz Cheney: The Next President of the United States?

Liz Cheney
Liz Cheney on Fox News Sunday.

Liz Cheney Will She Run for the Presidency?: Former Wyoming Congresswoman At-Large Liz Cheney had once been among the most powerful Republicans in the United States House of Representatives.

She was the chair of the House Republican Conference, making her the third-ranking GOP official in the governing body and the highest-ranking Republican woman in its history.

That was before the 2020 presidential election.

Cheney was just one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump for citing the mob that led to the January 6, 2021, capital insurrection. The Wyoming GOP responded by censuring her, while she was later ousted as conference chair after her repeated criticism of the former president. 

Liz Cheney Hates Donald Trump

Cheney has remained defiant, however, and told reporters she would do everything she could to make sure Trump could never get anywhere near the Oval Office again.

“We have seen the danger that he continues to provoke with his language,” Cheney told reporters. “We have seen his lack of commitment and dedication to the Constitution, and I think it’s very important that we make sure whomever we elect is somebody who will be faithful to the Constitution.”

A True Conservative Voice

Critics of Liz Cheney have labeled her a “Rino” – Republican in name only – but that would be an unfair assessment of the woman who has been long regarded as a leading ideological conservative in the Bush-Cheney-era tradition, and a representative of the GOP establishment. 

Cheney has been described as a neoconservative, who has focused on national security, and support for the U.S. military.

She has long been pro-business, hawkish on foreign policy, and both fiscally and socially conservative.

Those should be seen as far from RINO attributes. Though she voted steadfastly with much of Trump’s overall agenda, she was still critical of the foreign policy of Donald Trump – which to some conservatives bordered on the failed policy of isolationism.

Cheney was quite critical of President Barak Obama, and in her first days in Congress in 2017, had co-sponsored bills to reverse the impact of “Obama-era” gun regulations, while she voted to repeal “Obamacare.” She later warned that socialism had a chokehold on the Democratic Party.

Fighter for Democracy

Last year, Liz Cheney lost the Wyoming primary and essentially became a lame duck in Congress, but as a member of the January 6 Committee, she continued to ensure that Trump couldn’t return to power. That included campaigning with Democratic candidates in the 2022 mid-term elections including Reps. Abigail Spanberger of Virginia and Elissa Slotkin of Michigan, while she worked to help defeat election denier Kari Lake in the Arizona gubernatorial race.

Can She Run and Win the White House? 

The question being asked now is whether Cheney would mount a White House run. 

It is highly unlikely at this point, simply because Cheney couldn’t win. Trump would never throw his support behind her, and without his base, she couldn’t win the nomination, let alone the general election. But would she do it to stop Trump?

There may have been such speculation last year that Cheney might run as an independent to whittle away enough Conservative votes to ensure Trump loses. However, Trump is already doing enough damage that he can’t be seen as a viable candidate at this point. The party wants to move on, even as Trump remains popular with a quarter of GOP voters.

Cheney would do best to sit it out and let Trump continue to dig a deeper hole, and perhaps she can make a comeback in the post-MAGA era. She will remain a strong voice for neoconservatives who want to see America strong on the world stage, as opposed to the MAGA movement that wants to close the borders and pretend the outside world doesn’t exist.

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Author Experience and Expertise: A Senior Editor for 19FortyFive, Peter Suciu is a Michigan-based writer. He has contributed to more than four dozen magazines, newspapers, and websites with over 3,200 published pieces over a twenty-year career in journalism. He regularly writes about military hardware, firearms history, cybersecurity, politics, and international affairs. Peter is also a Contributing Writer for Forbes and Clearance Jobs. You can follow him on Twitter: @PeterSuciu.

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Expert Biography: A Senior Editor for 1945, Peter Suciu is a Michigan-based writer who has contributed to more than four dozen magazines, newspapers, and websites with over 3,000 published pieces over a twenty-year career in journalism. He regularly writes about military hardware, firearms history, cybersecurity, and international affairs. Peter is also a Contributing Writer for Forbes. You can follow him on Twitter: @PeterSuciu.



  1. GhostTomahawk

    February 6, 2023 at 8:14 pm


  2. Julie carrigsn

    February 6, 2023 at 9:30 pm

    Yes run for president! It would be great to have a real Republican again!!

  3. L. Partridge

    February 6, 2023 at 9:48 pm

    I am a democrat… However I would vote for Liz Cheney in a heartbeat.. She makes more sense and has a better grip of what is happening in the political arena and the state of the union than anyone in the United States of the House of Representatives…plus she is so very much smarter than the man that would demolish the US as we know it….

  4. Jacksonian Libertarian

    February 7, 2023 at 1:41 pm

    As the Republican incumbent she lost a primary in Wyoming!
    Republicans justifiably despise her as a poster child for “Trump Derangement Syndrome”.
    The writers on 1945 throw hate at Trump daily, to the extent that his picture out numbers anyone else’s many times over (some sections are only him), and he isn’t even in office and there’s a war in Ukraine. You should look in a mirror and ask yourself why are you so obsessed? The numbers and foreign policies say he did a great job as President (actions speak louder than words).
    Who cares if he rubs corrupt people the wrong way? Isn’t that a benefit rather than a bug?
    The Establishment hates Trump because he can’t be bought, and their greatest fear is getting caught for their corruption/crimes.
    They accuse Trump of everything they themselves are guilty of, as part of a pre-emptive attack to cover their crimes.

  5. Paddy Manning

    February 7, 2023 at 8:23 pm

    Yeah Liz Cheney for President, Marilyn Manson for Pipe and Sam Bankman Fried as chairman of the Fed.

  6. Bryce

    February 25, 2023 at 6:10 am

    The Democratic Party is not exactly socialist, they broke a railstrike so some greedy capitalist could avoid giving train engineers one paid sick day. Socialist doesn’t mean the same thing as Hollywood woke. Eugene Debs was not…AOC or idk Caitlyn Jenner. It’s not per se the same thing as Communism either but Dems definitely aren’t that, they are completely in the bag for capitalist corporate interests. The Dems are becoming the Party of Bush but with a rainbow flag slapped on for decoration. I am personally pro gay rights it’s basic American freedom, (but I recognize there’s two sexes, since that needs to be said smh) People are sick of Necons, they’re horrible, they might be pro war but they sure aren’t pro soldier.

  7. Andrew P

    March 1, 2023 at 7:32 am

    Dizzy Lizzy could join Joe Manchin’s ticket if he runs as an Independent. Hell, she could be Joe Biden’s new veep when Biden runs for reelection and dumps Harris from the ticket, although Michelle Obama is far more likely to be Dementia Joe’s new veep.

  8. D W

    March 1, 2023 at 8:46 am

    Lizard? Bwahhh haaaa haaaaa!!!!!!!!

    She should go bird hunting with her blood saked war monger father.

  9. Annealler

    March 1, 2023 at 11:12 am

    I’d vote for her over any of the ones queing up now.

  10. Robert B.

    March 1, 2023 at 5:03 pm

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Are you being serious right now? Liz Cheney? She couldn’t even win the senate PRIMARY as the incumbent. That is truly the height of incompetence. The only people saying they’d vote for her are Democrats and they don’t matter since they won’t be voting the GOP primary anyway.

  11. mike holzmann

    March 5, 2023 at 5:03 pm

    I’d sure give her my vote, she sure has more going for her than douche-bag Donnie!

  12. Steve Becker

    March 6, 2023 at 10:13 pm

    Only in her fevered imagination….

  13. rr

    March 7, 2023 at 11:19 am

    I would definately vote for her . She has More Balls , and More guts to stand up for what s right . All these other clowns and wusses are so scared of trump , no matter how he screws up , people still stick by him ??? Unbelievable . They say No One is above the law , that s a bunch of crap . You are putting trump above the law , he walks around like he s immortal , and untouchable . What the hell is wrong with people , and this is the year 2023 ???

  14. B. Williams

    March 8, 2023 at 7:10 pm

    I totally disagree with Jacksonian Libertarian. I’m a lifelong Republican and I guess I’d be in the “never Trumper” category now. I’m ashamed that I voted against Hillary Clinton by giving Trump my vote in 2016. In 2020, I voted for Biden because I wanted Trump out of the White House (out of politics would be even better). Mr. Trump has done so much damage to our country and has no common decency or courtesy. His only goal is to tear down our country and trash our allies. He is not fit for any elected office and is a menace as he only wants retribution for HIS alleged enemies. He could give a rat’s about the rest of us.

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