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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is a Big Controversy Machine

Marjorie Taylor Greene. Image Credit: Creative Commons.
Marjorie Taylor Greene. Image: U.S. government,

Marjorie Taylor Greene Raises Cain at CPAC – If you want a riotous quote, look no further than Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She spoke at CPAC just now, and she didn’t avoid controversy.

In just the last few days, she has claimed at a Congressional hearing that former President Donald Trump won Georgia in 2020. Greene also advocated for a “national divorce” – a separation of Red and Blue states that some likened to a call for states to secede from the union.

Greene spent her address at CPAC mainly lambasting the left for supporting extremist gender re-assignment surgeries.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Good Reception from CPAC Attendees

Greene received a huge amount of applause and a standing ovation when she took the stage.

She clearly loved speaking at CPAC, which is chock full of MAGA supporters who are worried about standing up for children. 

Republicans Protect Children

Marjorie Taylor Greene wasted no time in criticizing the practice of children going through the transgender process. Greene believes children are innocent and they are being targeted by a medical industry that is making substantial money to help kids change their gender.

“The left has told us something that put fear in the heart of every parent. They are coming for our children. The GOP has a duty and responsibility to protect children. New disturbing ideology tells an incredible lie that kids can change their gender before they turn into an adult. Before they graduate high school, before they can buy nicotine or alcohol, before they drive a car,” Greene said.

The Battle to Keep Kids from Gender Change

Marjorie Taylor Greene told the audience that she has been fighting the conservative gender battle since she was first sworn into Congress.

She posted a sign outside her office that said there are only two genders. Little did she know what kind of fight she had on her hands.

“When I was sworn in, our speaker was Nancy Pelosi and to my shock we had a new rule. No more gender could we discuss. We could not acknowledge a father or mother. There are only two genders – male and female. Just trust the science. But who knew gender would become a bigger battle.”

Someone Must Have the Voice to Stand Up for Children

Marjorie Taylor Greene is concerned that children are the targets of social media and the Internet that bombards them with a transgender message. It is multi-billion dollar industry, she said.

“These are victims with mental illness, depression, and anxiety. They live in foster care. They are already suffering. These victims come in thinking they are finding happiness in their identity, but they are changing their gender with puberty blockers that make them sterile. Young girls are getting testosterone and they have to have hysterectomies. Teenage girls are having their breasts cut off. Boys are having their penises turned inside out,” Greene explained.

New Legislation Will Punish Those Aiding Gender Re-assignment

Greene said she is ready to fight back by introducing a bill that would invoke criminal punishment on people who are involved with changing a minor’s gender.

“Last congress I did something extreme. I introduced a bill to protect our children. It could not pass last congress because of Pelosi, but we have a new speaker, and I am going to introduce my bill that will make it a felony to do gender change on children. It is called the Protect Children’s Innocence Act. But it’s not just conservatives, not just a rightwing idea to protect children because they are left with a lifelong disability. And people are making money for mutilating genitals.”

No More Money for Ukraine

Greene is not finished with her quest to protect young people. She pivoted from talking about gender to discussing the war in Ukraine. And she has decided to support cutting off all U.S. funding to Ukraine.

“I’m still committed to no money to Ukraine. We need to find peace not war. Tell Zelenskyy to leave his hands off our sons and daughters. They are not dying for your war. I want to protect our kids from Zelensky because he wants our sons and daughters to fight and die in Ukraine.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of CPAC which is now on its second day. We will have words from Donald Trump Jr.Nikki HaleyMike Pompeo, and of course former President Donald Trump.

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